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Tryptophan Hydroxylase 2 (TPH2)
Variant Association Phenotype Sample Information Author
rs1386483 Genotypic: + TT χ2 = 5.04; P = 0.025; OR = 0.33, 95%CI (0.12; 0.93) negative alcohol before suicide. Suicide completers Etnicity: Polish Fudalej, 2009
Cases: 162 suicide completers
Notes: Also investigated: A218C (TPH1); ACE I/D and 5HTTLPR
rs6582071 rs450625 rs11178997 rs11178998 rs11178999 rs1386494 rs1386493 rs1386491 rs7305115 rs1386498 rs1487278 rs11179044 rs4290270 rs11179064 rs17110747

Allelic: ns

Haplotypic: ns

Genotypic: ns

Suicide completers Etnicity: japanese Mouri, 2009
Controls: 260 volunteers M=162:mean age:39.5 ±15.9; F=98: mean age: 46.5±15.3.
Suicides:234 completers, M=156, mean age 47.1 ±13.2, F= 78, mean age 46.7±19.2
rs4760813 rs3935748 rs6582071 rs10748186 rs17110489 rs7955501 rs1386494 rs10748189 rs4760820 rs1487275 rs1386483 rs10879357 rs17110747 rs1872824

Allelic: ns

Haplotypic: ns

Suicide Completers Etnicity: Estonian Must, 2009
Controls: 327 volunteers, men, mean age 40.5 ± 14.49
Suicide: 288 males, mean age 42.8 ±13.69


Allelic: .003

Suicides or major depression Ethnicity: Caucasian Haghighi 2008
Cases: 82 patients with major depression(M:61%;suicides: 72; mean age: 49.8+18.7) or only suicide (n:4)
g.22897A>G Allelic: .05 80 controls without major depression or suicide

Haplotypic (rs1386493, g.22897A>G, rs1386494):+,CGG, p=.01

Notes: the two variants associated with major depression and not with suicide alone


Allelic: ns
Genotypic: ns
Suicide attempts

Ethnicity: Caucasian [N=529 (94%)], Asian [N=26 (4.6%)], or multiple ethnic identities [N=8 (1.4%)]

Mann 2007
Cases: bipolar [n:109, M:61%, ages: 22-90] and major depressive patients [n:324], including 187 suicide attempters
Healthy controls: bipolar [n:130, M:61%, ages: 22-90]
Genotypic:+,CG, p<.001, in major depressive patients with childhood abuse Suicidal ideas Notes: CG genotype interaction with childhood abuse also related to increased depression and lifetime impulsivity scores; no association with depressive disorders or CSF levels of 5-HIAA, HVA, or MHPG





Allelic: ns Suicidal behaviour severity Cases: 336 (F:62%) bipolar patients from 305 nuclear families (mean age: 35.36± 10.37 SD), including 267 patients with histories of suicide ideas or attempts De Luca, 2007
Notes: suicidality assessed quantitatively and coded as follows: 0 = absence of suicide/death thoughts, 1 = thoughts of death, 2 = suicide ideation, 3 = suicide plan, 4 = suicide attempt;
rs1386494 Allelic: ns Suicide attempts Cases: 2018 bipolar patients and families (F:64%, including 548 suicide attempters): Sample 1: N:1405; Sample 2: N: 613; Lopez, 2007
rs1007023 Allelic: ns
rs9325202 Allelic: ns Notes: analyses done in each sample separately and together. Observed the same haplotypic association with bipolar disorder suggesting that this haplotype is not an independent risk factor for suicide attempts.
  Haplotypic: +, GTA, OR 1.2 95%CI 1.0-1.5
20 intronic SNPs

Allelic: ns

Haplotypic: ns

Suicide attempts

Ethnicity: German

ZIll, 2007
Cases: 353 (F:79; mean age: 42.7+9.7)
alcohol-dependent patients, including 102 suicide attempters, 58 of whom used violent means
Ethnicity-matched controls: 305 (F:141;mean age: 40.05+15.2)

Allelic: -,A, p=.0067 Genotypic: -, AA, p=.0033

Suicide attempts Ethnicity: Han Chinese, Shadong Ke, 2006
Cases: depressed suicide attempters: N: 102 (F: 61); mean age: 33.01 ±12.12
Controls: non-attempting depressed patients: N:123 (F:54);mean age: 33.26±14.36


Allelic : ns

Suicide attempts or suicidal behavior Cases: schizophrenic patients [(n: 253 (F: 33%) mean age: 41±10.7] including 83 suicide attempters and 157 ideators/attempters) De Luca, 2005
hCV245410 Allelic : ns
  Haplotypic: ns
hCV245410 Allelic: ns Suicide attempts or suicidal behavior Cases: 336 bipolar patients (including 86 suicide attempters and 267 ideators) from 305 families: F:62%, mean age: 35±10 De Luca 2004
hCV8376173 Allelic: ns Notes: suicidality assessed on a quantitative scale from suicidal thoughts, through ideation, and plans, to suicide attempts
rs1487280 Allelic: ns
  Haplotypic: ns
14 SNPs Genotypic: +, rs4448731(TT), OR 5.3 95% CI 1.7-16.4 Suicide Ethnicity: French Canadian Lopez de Lara, 2007
Cases: 259 depressed subjects, including 114 depressed suicides (F:16; mean age: 41.6±14.6)
Genotypic:+, rs4641527(GG), OR 5.2 95% CI 1.7-16.0 Controls: 145 depressed nonsuicidal patients (F:21, mean age: 41.4±10.2)
Haplotypic: multiple Notes: alleles T, G, G, and C of SNPs rs4448731, rs6582071, rs4641527, and rs1386497, respectively, were overrepresented in depressed suicides, as were homozygotes for the T allele of rs4448731, the G allele of rs4641527, and carriers of the C allele of rs1386497. GG homozygotes ( rs4641527) had lower reward dependence but there was no support for mediation by impulsive aggressive behaviors; Bonferroni-corrected


Genotypic: ns

Suicide Cases: suicide completers (n:22; F:11) with schizophrenia (n:6) or bipolar disorder (n:16): mean age: 42.73±9.90


De Luca, 2006

8396GC Genotypic: ns Controls: individuals with schizophrenia (n: 29) and bipolar patients (n: 18) dying from non-suicide-related causes (F: 15): mean age: 44.98±9.37
  Haplotypic: ns
10 SNPs Allelic: +, Rs1386494(G), p=.038 Suicide Ethnicity: Caucasian, Southern Germany Zill, 2004
Cases: suicide victims: F: 72; M: 191; mean age:47.1±18.1; 217 used violent means;
Healthy general population controls matched for ethnicity: M: 138, F:128; 39.7±15.3;
Notes: tested 10 SNPs; found 3 major haplotypes; haplotypic associations with suicide disappeared after Bonferoni correction

Haplotypic: ns

Notes: += positive,significant; - =negative,significant; ns= nonsignificant; F=females; M=males